Security is the priceless product of freedom. Only the strong can be secure, and only in freedom can men produce those material resources which can secure them from want at home

Our foremost priority is to effectively monitor alarm systems with prompt response to such alarms, in conjunction with constant patrolling of your area. We work hand in hand with the SAPS and community based organisations to find the best security solutions for your suburb.

We successfully entered the armed response market 14 years ago and have only ever focussed on dedicated area-bound armed response. We currently run a fleet of over 24 vehicles in the suburbs of Pinelands, Thornton, Plattekloof, Welgelegen, Panorama, Kleinbosch, Parow North, De Tijger, Ndabeni, Epping, Stikland and Maitland in conjunction with bicycle patrollers. We therefore, believe that we are ready, and have the infra-structure in place, to extend our services to your area.

It is with great anticipation that we look forward to serving you and your community.

Why Choose Us?

SA-owned armed response company

As you are well aware, we have never advertised but yet we have by word of mouth, grown steadily to become the biggest, hundred percent South African-owned armed response company in Cape Town. Our strong emphasis on continued training and absolute integrity ensures you of transparency at all times.

Good relationship with the SAPS

Constant feedback and reporting would be essential and a good relationship with the SAPS as well as the Residents Association and/or any other organisation involved in the upliftment of the community is a must. We are able to provide monthly activity reports and regular monthly meetings would be a must. We feel that together, we have every chance of being an overwhelming success to reduce the threat of a crime being committed in your community.

Control Room

Our Control Room is the nerve centre and is operational 24/7. The facility exceeds the stringent standards laid down by the Industry and Governing Body. Full back-up and duplicate infra-structures as well as an extensive Radio Repeater Network ensures our position as a leader in the industry. Our Control Room functions on UPS Power supply and therefore cannot go down in the event of a power failure.